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There are over 3000 varieties of pears found around the world, varying in taste, shape and color. One of the favorite fruits, pear is native to mildly temperate and coastal regions of Asia, North Africa and Europe. You can easily eat it raw, have them dri

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Being rich in nutrients such as protein, fiber, potassium, copper, vitamin K, C and?? provitamin A, pear is a must for maintaining a healthy diet. Pear offers dietary fiber and probiotics which promote healthy bowel movements, provides constipation relief and improves overall digestion.
It is rich in beneficial plant compounds. Pears offer various plant compounds that are beneficial for us. For instance, anthocyanins promote heart health and lutein and zeaxanthin promote eye health.
It is rich in flavonoids having antioxidant properties. It boosts the immune system and helps in reducing inflammation. As it’s rich in anthocyanin and fiber, it helps reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes. Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties also help in controlling cholesterol levels and improving blood pressure making it a heart-friendly fruit. Buy fruits online from the best fruits importer in India and bring home happiness and health.

We offer different varieties of pears:
1. FORELLE PEARS: Forelle is German for “trout” ? the name stems from the pear's beautiful red blush over greenish yellow skin that is similar to the coloring of the rainbow trout.
2. GREEN ANJOU PEARS: Green Anjou (pronounced ON-ju) pears are recognizable for their egg-shaped appearance, having a larger spherical lower portion that begins a gradual taper above the mid-point to a narrower rounded top.
3. RED ANJOU PEARS: Crimson in color, sometimes with light vertical stripes, Red Anjou consists of a mild, sweet flavor with a smooth texture and an abundance of juice when fully ripe. 4. PACKHAM PEARS: Packham pears are medium to large in size and are irregular in shape with a bulbous, wide bottom that tapers to a smaller rounded neck with a slender, dark brown stem.
5. VERMONT BEAUTY PEARS: Vermont Beauty are pale-skinned roundish pears with delicious crisp texture, refreshing and sweet. The appearance is distinguished by pale pink-red dots on the peel.
6. LUCAS PEARS: The Alexander Lucas is a top quality fresh eating pear. The white flesh is dense, juicy, and buttery-smooth. It is sweet with a wonderfully complex yet delicate flavour and a lovely aroma.
7. QTEE PEARS: QTee is an early season blushed pear. The skin has an intense speckled red blush over a pale green or pale-yellow background and the shape is pyriform/straight to convex.

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