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Apples are one of the oldest known fruits with strong religious and cultural significance. It has about 7500 cultivars around the world. Originally, apples were only cultivated in Central Asia and Europe. Apples were introduced in America by the colonists

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It contains polyphenol antioxidants which help in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.
The plant compounds that are present in apples have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in fighting off cancer. Apples are loaded with Nutrients. It has potassium, manganese, copper, vitamin A, K, E, B1 and many more.
Moreover, it’s also rich in dietary fiber. Fiber improves your digestion. Rich in fiber and water helps you improve your bowel movements and helps in weight loss. Don’t forget to order only fresh apples from the largest fruits importer in India.
It makes your heart healthy. Apple contains soluble fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids that help control your cholesterol levels and prevents heart diseases. Eating the apple helps preserve your bone mass and its antioxidant properties promote bone health and make them strong.

We offer different varieties of Apples:
1.? ROYAL GALA APPLES: Gala is a clonally propagated apple cultivar with mild sweet and vanilla-like flavors and floral aroma.
2. GRANNY SMITH APPLES: This Australian native was discovered in 1868 as a chance seedling by “Granny” Anne Smith of Ryde, New South Wales.
3. ROSE APPLES: Rose is a high-quality dessert apple variety from New Zealand, characterized by the rosy-red color of the exterior, and a unique refreshing, crisp sweet flavor.
4. QUEEN APPLES: New Zealand Queen apples are a modern variety of Malus Domestica, resulting from a cross between the Gala and Splendor.
5. RED DELICIOUS APPLES: They are the most widely recognized of all U.S. apple varieties. These sweet, crispy, juicy apples varies in color from striped red to solid midnight red.
6. FUJI APPLES: Fuji is a cross between Ralls Janet and Red Delicious and is one of the more attractive modern apple varieties.
7. PINATA APPLES: Pi?ata apples are a modern variety of Malus domestica. In 2001, Pi?ata apple was named Apple of the Year in Germany, where this apple was developed.
8. MODI APPLES: Mod?? apples are a modern variety of Malus domestica developed in Italy and is a cross between the gala and liberty apple.
9. JOLY RED APPLES: Joly Red are large apples, nicely rounded and intense dark red. They are broadly round at the top and taper at the base and is crunchy and very sweet.
10. CRIPPS PINK APPLES: Developed in Western Australia, Cripps Pink is a cross of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. Brisk, autumn nights help bring out its bright, namesake coloring.
11. PINK LADY APPLES: Pink Lady Apples, also known by their cultivar name, Cripps Pink, are named because of their reddish-pink blush color. They are sweet-tart apples with high sugars and high acids.
12. CRIMSON SNOW APPLES: Crimson Snow, a new branded apple produced in Italy with deep red skin and white flesh, have a tarty?sweet taste and are very crunchy and juicy.
13. BRAEBURN APPLES: The 'Braeburn' is a cultivar of apple that is firm to the touch with a red/orange vertical streaky appearance on a yellow/green background. Their color intensity varies with different growing conditions.

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