Our Story

IG was formed by a couple of enthusiastic and canny entrepreneurs who started trading fruits on a commission basis and found their stint in expanding their trading operations on a larger scale as the government eased the tax regulation on imports in India.

Soon IG evolved to be a global import and export giant- IG International, through their perseverance and endurance to constantly improve the quality of products. IG International remains to be a benchmark for trading in fresh produce intercontinentally while keeping the expectations bar high for itself.

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Competitive Price

Being the mammoth volume players, IGIPL holds the prowess to deliver the most competitive pricing, incessantly.


Consistent Quality

Having a considerable part of the value chain in house and exclusive tie-ups with entities outside our current scope, gives us an unbeatable edge, sourcing and handling quality products, consistently.


Contribution to environmental sustainability

Our practices and ethics, our tech and our heart that we put in place makes sure we go the extra mile to make our functioning a lot less stressful on our environment.


Customer Satisfaction

Great products, sound understanding of customer mindset, huge variety and consistency. We are indeed talking about IG's core qualities that help build-up its voluminous pool of happy customers!

Why IG

IG International is one of the leading companies for import and export of fresh produce providing an unwavering quality of products to its consumers across the globe. IG is a renowned name in the industry with its 50 years of endurance to grow and develop in all business facets, IG now has 14 companies to itself which are constantly striving to achieve its objective of providing its consumers the supreme quality of fresh produce with minimal waste.








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